new taxes on things like cigarettes and some foods

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I’m sure a lot of people have heard about new taxes on their favorite brands of cigarettes (over the past 9 months its been a lot) and one proposed to be added to things like sodas and juice.

I would say smokers have the least to complain about. Sure, some cigarettes have broke $5 and $6 which I’ll agree is a lot to pay for something that is bad for you and in the long run could kill you. Do you need to smoke? Of course not. Do you choose to smoke? Yes. I know a lot of smokers who weren’t fans of the higher taxes on the brand they smoked, some of them paying as much as $6.50 for the brand they smoked. Guess what most of them did? Quit smoking, saved that $6.50 a pack and took it somewhere that the taxes were lower and that they could afford on a more regular basis. I know for a lot of smokers, especially those who smoke a pack or more a day, this is a lot easier said than done. Can it still be done? Yes. This is honestly a tax that can easily be left alone because people can choose to stop buying them both because of the tax and because its bad for them.

Higher taxes on food I can easily understand people being upset about. We all need food or we aren’t going to last very long. One of the huge taxes proposed is on sodas. Sodas are another tax hike I can understand. Like cigarettes their bad for us and we can choose not to buy them. We know that the ingredients on the side of the cans, boxes, and bottles are chemicals we can’t pronounce and theirs no way we know what they are unless we decide to look it up. Diet sodas, the ones that are supposed to be “better” for us, are in fact worse. They turn into formaldehyde (the nasty stuff that we got to smell in high school that they preserved our dissection subjects in) after we ingest them (check links under “know your food on the sidebar, their the ones about aspartame).  Even regular sodas that have Splenda in them their poisoning us because it registers as arsenic and it tricks us into thinking we have something for energy when it really can’t break it down (check out the “Tale of 2 sweeteners link, near the bottom of know your food in the sidebar for more information).

Other foods are things that many of us most likely couldn’t choose not to buy. Most of us need a lot of the other things on the shelves are things many of us could use and couldn’t live without. I know, personally, that as a college student, that buying things like needed food is hard enough with only a part time job and even if I was using my student loans, which are honestly high enough considering my college charges $30,000 in tuition that I’ll be paying off later, food is enough of a struggle. Not to mention, from being a volunteer in my high schools admissions office, their are still people trying to support a family on $15,000 a year for income. In this case just rent would seem an insane amount of money out of their paycheck each year not to mention that these days it may put these people below the modern poverty line.

Democrats still support the new taxes? May even some Independents and Republicans supporting the new taxes? Think twice for those who maybe won’t have a choice to buy food because of the tax compared to those things we can choose not to buy such as sodas and cigarettes.

Experience with the paranormal

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Hearing the phrase “the paranormal scared me when I was little” is something that seems to be really common among people who experienced the paranormal when they were young children. I’m far from one of these people, even though I am clairaudient and have been so my whole life but I really was afraid of the dead when I was young. The only thing I had ever seen of ghosts was what I saw in children’s cartoons and movies like Scooby Doo and these things were always that they were evil and tried to hurt people. There was nothing else I could base it on.

I always knew that there was something in my home. At 12 I ran into one in a friends home and it had been the first time that I had been clairvoyant instead of my usual clairaudient. Not to mention a panther with a bullet through its forehead isn’t something any 12 year old animal lover would want to spot in her friends bedroom. Even if my friend wanted to claim I was freaked out by her old fashioned porcelain dolls that were on the shelf near her bed (which she did for the longest time because she honestly thought they freaked most 12 year old kids out) I knew that wasn’t it. After what I’d seen that night (and a decent temperature change I couldn’t explain with air conditioning or the wind) I knew there was something else there that she wasn’t admitting to.

A few months to a year later (I honestly don’t remember exactly when) my family moved in to a new house, it had just been built and nothing (at this point in time at least) had died there. I knew there was no reason for me to think there were any spirits/ghosts there to scare me. There shouldn’t have been right? The house was new and nothing had died there. Wrong. Spirits had followed me here to this new house, nothing had changed from where I had just been where I knew the house had been old and people/animals could have easily died there. I honestly didn’t expect that a few weeks after moving that there would be another ghost sighting in store for me that would once again scare me in the same way that the panther’s spirit had in my friend’s room.

The next time said friend came over I told her about this too. At this point in time she had become obsessed with the paranormal and everything that had to do with it. She would never talk about anything else and after I told her I had seen another spirit she never came in my room either, she figured my room was cursed to see spirits and she didn’t want to be there. I, though, had to learn to sleep in there while she still considered her own haunting a dream I was having.

In time I got used to the paranormal as more and more happened in my new home. 2 pets have now died that once belonged here, a cat (she was euthanized at the vet because of kidney failure) and a treasured dog (she died in her sleep in our home, I was the last one to pet her the night she died somehow having been warned that I was never going to see her again). I treasure these expierences now and don’t let them terrify me. Their something not everyone gets and something that I don’t think I should ever let myself intentionally let go of since not everyone gets to have this happen to them on a regular basis. Considering it doesn’t happen to many, I really do consider it a gift.

death panels

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a lot of people have so far heard alot about the death panels. like most other people in the country the word “death” makes it sound pretty bad and makes some even acuse the government of being nazi’s and trying to euthinize senior citizens like the nazi’s had since the old and sick couldnt work or help out in many (or sometimes any) way.

the fact is, these claims are untrue. the death panels are a medicare benifit they are trying to set up and make free for everyone on medicare. for those of you who have parents on medicare (though it may be limited numbers of my readers) have they ever had  a stroke and were unable to make important decisions for themselves? ever had to fight with lawyers to be ablle to make decisions for said parent in this case legally? well this is what the death panels are, lawyers willing to help you with this for free because their being paid by the government. their meant to be there to help you make decisions for a loved one that will no longer be able to make them for themselves or for setting something up for if (or in some cases when or maybe its even happened already) you need to gain this power over loved ones.

do the death panels still sound bad? i know it doesnt for me with my dad already in his mid-fifties and my mom soon to enter menopause. if something ever happened to them and they were old enough to get medicare (or maybe were on it already at this point) i know id want this panel out there, wouldnt you?

obamas veiw on gay rights

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i’m sure i wasnt alone in november when i was hoping obama would take a position for gay rights which many, gay or straight, has fought for for a long time, even here in america. anyone following politics also knows that obama keeps changeing his veiw on gay rights, often against our cause.

while those against gay rights arent worried those of us for should be, and not just a little. if obama doesnt support our cause it could be another 4 years (and possibly 8 asumeing there are enough people satisfied with the horrible and passive way he is running the country) before we can get something into the government pertaining to gay rights, none the less get anything else done.


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i never get a chance

to distill my visitors,

no matter how unwanted.


i’ve spent my years wondering

why me? ive

slowly become accustomed to

being haunted around every turn.


i know of my

help and of his

feelings but why are the rest undistilled?

knowing what you eat

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if your like most people who arent vegetarians/vegans you arent aware of whats in your food or how “good” they really are for you. you just eat because your hungry and often dont think about whats actually there, how it might be polluted or really bad for you. in fact, a lot of the foods we’ve been growing up thinking are really good for us or even polluted. yeah, you read that right, polluted.

did you have any idea that pestisides like ddt, long illegal within the united states, are not only still here but in the food we eat? they remain in the ground still. the plants take this pestiside out of the ground and make it part of themselves. these plants are often harvested and can be fed not only to us in all non-organic veggies but to the animals most americans also eat. the animals magnify the polutants they get from the plants and once we eat them this number is magnafied again. we have an even larger number of polutants this way than if we had just eaten the plants themselves.

any idea how many drugs are in your meat? living here in the states the number of drugs is uregulated so there could be more than you could imagine. if we lived somewhere like europe, there would be only 4 and none would be used in humans. here, any number of them could be used in humans and the number is so high many countries wont even import meat from this country. worried about swine flu now? maybe even any number of other colds? thanks to the meat your eating and all of the antibiotics used in both the animals and in humans we’re practically a breading ground for a superbug that doctors wont be able to treat. we’re all welcoming a pandemic.

worried about cancer? meat makes your risk even higher. no matter how much you eat your risk is higher.

like fish for the fatty acids? no good health links. in fact, it may even damage your health and you can get the same fatty acids from other scources other than fish and fish oil.

i bet you may even be one of those people who believe humans need meat. lets lock you in a room with a cow with your only weapons being your own teeth and fingernails. its really hard to kill that cow in the first place, none the less eat it. thats why tigers are carnivores: those things are specialized. know your intestines? your meat stays rotting udigested in them because you cat digest all of it like a carnivore could. humans are meant to eat non-animal products. with them we’re not doing ourselves any good.

dont want to believe me? look at my links below “know your food”, see what i’m saying is true. still dont want to believe it after that? you know how to use google. feel free to look into it all yourself. theres plenty on the web to show it and just as much in a local library. you just have to be willing to find it.

dolores claiborne by stephen king

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being a stephen king fan and having read many of his novels over the years it wasn’t quite what i had expected.

for me, most of his novels are creepy enough to keep me up some nights, even as someone with horror movies, novels, and writing an abundant part of my life since i was young.

with murder, incest, and some accidents along the way it was definately a great read. it was one i wasnt tempted to put down and was bummed when i fineally reached the end and knew what happened to the main charecter (and narrator) dolores claiborne.

new to stephen king or an old fan i definately recomend this book.


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i’d give anything

to break this silece and keep

myself from

falling in and out.


i would love to

have someone that

i was afraid to let down.


i have to have something to

keep myself occuopied through

the times before

destructio takes its wake.

the vampyre (embodiment of the undead)

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Two thousand years. Two thousand very long years. With all this time behind me I still missed the only woman I felt loved me for who I was instead of what I was. Some women over the years discovered what I was, though most by accident. Most became obsessed with the one thing only I cold give them: immortal life. So many of them could never get passed the fact that a simple bite could cause them to live forever that they followed me everywhere, they also occasionally almost blew the secret I’d kept for so long before that. Every one of them I drained so completely that there was no way they would become immortal or be revived by humans. I pumped them with so many toxins that often they were believed to have drank themselves into a stupor and a killer had somehow drained them of all of the blood they had. Of course, I always moved towns after the deaths so I was never caught. Now, in 2010, My secret was close to being exposed to all of humanity once again. This time it wasn’t by a woman, it was from a young man sick with aids. He was threatening to reveal my secret if I didn’t make him immortal and let him live with me forever he’d blow my cover. Many times I have thought of gaining myself a male companion. Though, in this modern age, being gay wasn’t accepted, this young man already accepted that he is this way despite society’s hatred of the way he is. Despite this, something still worries me. He clearly looked more modern than I did, like he belonged with these people. The year of my birth made me very conspicuous because I didn’t look the same. Though I often passed as a foreigner I was nervous that this man may have guessed my secret based off of my looks. This is something that bothered me very dearly and was something I didn’t want to happen again if it could be avoided. That was something I planned on asking him that night, in exchange for the honest answer I decided that I would change him. Thanks to my ability to read minds I would know instantly what the real answer was, if he told me or not. I went to the apartment we had agreed to share and waited on him. When he returned from work he was amazed to see me there. We both worked nights and slept before dawn came. For now, we had maybe a half hour before sunrise. I was usually on the prowl for small amounts of animals to dine on and was trying to appear inconspicuous. “What are you doing home? Your usually still out looking for things to dine on.” “Usually I am yes. I found some stray pit bulls tonight. They were good other than some mange. Thats not why I’m waiting here tonight. I would like to change you but in exchange I want an honest answer to a question.” “Anything! Anything at all! All I would ever want to do is make you happy.” “How did you discover I was a vampyre despite me never giving you any clues to my nature?” He hesitated. I read his mind to see what was running through his mind. He’d met my kind before it seems. The other had also been very kind to him with the exception of one thing: he gave him the blood that infected him with aids. He’d been told that it was a serum that would change him into a vampyre. Instead he had discovered that he had been infected with aids and left to die. I even knew the vampyre he spoke of: Monroe Osdale, my very own creator. He was killed around the time this man was infected with aids. This is the man that got my predecessor murdered! Our leaders, the first of the vampyre clan knew when a human was lieing about knowing the truth of the myths. He had himself infected on purpose so one more vampyre would be out of this world. Before he ever had a chance to answer, I lunged. I drained him completely while the neighbors heard him scream. With the amount of time I had left that night I fled, found a new place to hide while the sun god made his rounds. The next night I would once again start over in a new city.

who is your god?

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So many different Gods
Packaged and veiwed in
So many different ways it
Can get hard to remember
Who belongs to who.
So many different religions
That argue that their God
Is the best and the only,
That only those that want
To deny his existance for
Fun wouldn’t beleive in the
Same one as them.
Even within the same religion
The one they choose to call
God can be shown differntly
And the very dynamics of what
Is called a prayer to him
Can change with the seasons.
No one thinks that someone
Else’s beleifs could be correct.
Their own personall ones need
To be the only ones out there,
Everyone else needs to be wrong.
Who has ever thought to
Break the idea of a God or
Even many gods down to the
Basic DNA?
Who ever would have thought
That God could change from
Person to person and that
Every person could possibly
Be completely wrong?
So many people try to convert,
So many go to other countries
To preach their truth instead of
Leaving everyone to their own
Truth, no matter its age or the
State of taboo to other parts
Of the world.
Alone here in America hundreds
Of Gods are represented, even
If it’s just one kid beleiveing they
Were personally touched by the
Noodley appendage of the Great
Spagetti monster in their closet.
Why must we fight over who is
Right when we could all be wrong?