long day in the life

been a really long day. most of the people surrounding me have been pretty dumb, most complaining about trivial things like coming home a little late from yesterdays spartans football game and having one homework assignment to do over the ENTIRE weekened. ive spent so much time at DSST one homework assignment isnt anything. im used to 3x that much homework in a single night. they act like its torture to have the homework asignment though it was given to us on thursday and we have until monday to complete it. i guess i’ll have to live with people complaining about such a miniscule amount of homework. i know i have a lot more chill time than a lot of the other people i know from other schools.

times keep changeing for me. i still have a lot to deal with coming to my new religion and with some of the same anti-gay jokes that i havent heard in quite a long while. there are a lot of my teachers, my one in civics in perticular, who dont allow the comments in the classroom and students get in trouble when the word is said within earshot. my civics teacher does tend to crack me up, though. whenever one of the students in my civics class decides to used “thats so gay” or “your so gay” or any of the “so gay” espressions that seem to be so popular nowadays he automatically (and often sarcastically) blurts out “you mean colorful and joyus?”. it makes me crack up almost every time i hear it so far which is almost every day. he uses sarcasum a lot and sometimes it can be a little hard to tell when he’s serious or not. in fact, with all the younger teachers it can be a little hard sometimes, not to mention all of my classes are a breeze and it seems to be impossible for me to fail anything unless i so absolutely nothing in the class which is so far impossible for me to do.

spoke to the gay-straight alliance teacher a week ago and she claimed it would be starting next week since jamaican jam was this week. i havent heard an announcement in the mournings yet so im not sure if shes really going to make the announcement about it. im thinking i’ll have to go annoy that one tutor again to get her name so i can go speak with her again. i really hate to be a pest but making friends has never been an easy thing for me to do and GSA is the easiest way for me to do it for right now. not to mention my friend, her sister, and her sisters friends always use exel time for something now and i need something to fill my time now too instead of sitting around doing nothing for a half an hour every wednesday.

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