looking back on the good old days

ive spent some time looking back at the past 4 years. sure, they involved repeating a grade, looseing anf makeing friends and enimies, makeing a lot of strong bonds with people (and even breaking a few on purpose or by complete accident), and a switch in beleif systems that most wouldnt agree too but i really do realize how much it all truely means to me. sure, there were the people i couldnt stand at DSST and others i couldnt stand looseing but they all really have meant a lot to me over the past few years. i look at some of them and what i learned and i realize how far they’ve really gotten me. i realize how important they’ve all really been to me and how some of them continue to be important now as my life gains its years. some of them actually do scare me some (sometimes by asking me questions like “are you pregnant?”) but sometimes you need to be at least a little freaked by something for it to have an affect on life.

i know a lot of these people i may never have a chance to thank because of broken bonds or me not knowing how to communicate it to them with my peanut brain but pretty much all of them have had a profound effect on my life and im not entirely sure how to thank everyone for everything theyve actually done for me…some of them have made some sort of effect and im not even sure how they did. there are so many happy memories for so many of them and there are times when i see that they really helped me through something that i would have never seen coming, sometimes they even saw it and tried to warn me but were still there to support me when i later realized id really messed up. because of that, i think, i really relized who i could truely depened on and who where the real losers in life that i needed to get rid of to get my life going in the right direction. though in some of these cases i have to admit that i had made a wrong choice long before meeting them i have to admit that there are some that got me headed in the right direction later and i have to really thank thank them for that, though that also can be a bit complicated to put into words with how crazy things get and how little time so many of us have. no matter what though, the thankfulness and the memories will still be there.

for those who do read that have had a positive effect, thanks for the happy memories and hopefully ive had as good of an effect on your life as you have had on mine.

blessed be.

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