long day

seemed like life just lasted foever today. it felt like something was making it drag on. i spent my lunch outside (like normal), i was interested in all my classes to a point (as usual), and i payed attention to all my classes like normal. im not sure what was keeping me from being as interested as normal. i think it was just a long day because of a pre-test in bio and not sleeping all day yesterday so i could sleep last night. i do that normally and things dont usually drag on this slow so who knows?

there were people here registering people to vote today. i didnt walk up to the little table to register since i did months ago but one of the ladies was walking around during lunch today and walked up to me (i think its because i looked old enough to vote) and was talking about some sort of team they were trying to start. while i was talking to her i learned that in the mccain campaign his vice presidential candidate didnt support gay rights. i was planning on voteing for him because there was a woman on his docket but after hearing this theres no way im voting for him. i cant say i support gay rights and then support someone who’s against them, its way to hypocritical and why make an attempt to put someone in office who already hates me? sure, obama has all of the scandals but he may have more perks than mccain.

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