damn things fly

today just seemed to fly by. it seemed like before i knew it i was already back home from school. i barely got up on  time because for whatever reason my alarm decided it wanted to be a bitch and not go off though the sound was on full blast. i dont know whats up with it. it does this at least once a week, i think it just hates me or something. then i get to school and every class (even lunch if you can even consider that a class) seemed to fly by like i wasnt even there today. i loved creative writing (like always, its my favorite class in the world and i have an insane percentage) and got started on a memoir for the class today (which i may post here later when i dont have much else to do). not to mention its been four weeks after school started and it feels like its been a week. days just smear together and i cant remember what happened today and what happened a week ago. everything just smears together so easily. hell, i finished my first pot for ceramics last week (thursday i think) and it feels like i barely finished it yesterday. its crazy how much ive been able to do in such short classes (compared to the ones im used to at least) and i cant beleive how little is actually sticking to the days their supposed to.

not to mention there is a really hot guy i have a crush on (hot enough i could bake cookies on him) and i’ll probably never have enough nerves to talk to him none the less date him. so far im just left to my dreams where we’re together. too bad all the guys i think are really hot are either gay, not interested in me, or im too much of a chicken to even talk to the guy. you never know though. one day in history he was focused my way and i dont know if he was looking at me or someone else. im sure anyone knows which one i hope is true. 🙂

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