my position

ive gotten to the point in life where i realize that no matter what i say or what i do people are listening and paying attention to what i do, that behavior really does matter. sure, ive always been ms goth goody two shoes most of the time but now ive really realized where ive wound up. i have at least one (if not both) of my younger sisters who look up to me, ive got people asking me about being a vegitarian or about animal rights because of some pins ive got on my backpack, ive got people who look to me for help in what i consider easy as pie high school classes. theres a lot of people who look to me for guidence and help with things at a point when ive really realized that it matters, something ive never realized before. even now looking back i see some of the good ive done and realize the impact that it really had on people and the way it looked when i did it, how much it really did mean when i made that choice, knowing the consequences or not.

before it was always hard to beleive i was making any sort of impace on peoples lives when so many people were making such a huge impact on my own, when mine was always in such a constant flux. that so many of my friends and family really did care if i was happy or not and were interested in what i was doing and what i beleived in. that there were so many who looked to me for some causes like gay rights and were willing to help towards the cause i was also interested in, or that others were interested in animal rights and may want to know something that i did or that i had something to learn. theres so much i probably havent realized yet and so much thats still to happen but hopefully i can still have a positive impact in peoples lives.

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