most classes have been pretty easy. had the few hard ones of course. so far ceramics is going the easiest. most people are going a lot slower than me (most are two or three weeks behind me) and am finishing the last fish in our “Family of fish” project. this one’s my ninja fish, all of him is going to be black except for the fins, eyes, and fins. those are this funky orange color. i’d pick something else dark (like the jet black im useing on the rest of the fish) but the teacher doesnt have many colors of underglaze so i have to pick from what she has.

as far as creative writing goes im debateing on what i plan on doing with a project we’re doing. i’m writing a fiction peice and im not sure what i want to do for it. ive got a book im writeing now that ive got a lot done on that im debateing on useing but im not sure if its appropriate…which means its most likely not. qho knows? ive got plenty of time to figure it out.

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