none the same in death

thanks to a mix of a scary movie and a guy i work with on occation (most chill guy ever and the most honest person ive ever met, parents included) ive realized how unfair death really is, how no one’s equal in deaths eyes. the people who’ve never done shit to anyone can die young just because someone’s karma decided to take them out of the frame while people like osama bin laden get to kick it in some hole somewhere without death coming anywhere close to them. its like death just likes to cut people off whenever it feels like it without any regard to their acitons in life or the evil they’ve done to anyone else. it scares me that ive tried to do so much good in the lives of the people around me (and i can only hope i have done some good) yet i can be cut out of the frame a lot sooner than a mass murderer or anyone whose commited a major crime. ive already almost lost life twice and know the feeling to be afraid of looseing my life and learning to appriciate it yet i never know how much i’ll ever truely have.

96% of people said they wouldnt want to know when and how they’d die, im in that 96%, but i cant help but wonder why the evil people in the world arent taken out of the frame long before i would be. sure, i know that everyone has to be taken out of the picture eventually but its not as fair that those who’ve spent their lives trying to improve others lives can die a lot sooner than those who havent.

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