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random time of my life

Posted in life on October 1, 2008 by gothiclg

homecoming on saturday was pretty cool. did some raveing (though mostly to rap) and pretty much chilled and danced with this girl i have a bit of a crush on as well as her brother. i probably brought 30-35 glow sticks with me and passed all of them out to people eventually. i was raveing with a blue one for awhile but gave that one away eventually too. it was still pretty fun, though. i kissed a girl by katy perry was played twice and was definately a favorite amoung everyone. i didnt get a chance to slow dance because most people where taken during the slow dances but thats no big deal.

been doing some hanging out with friends out in jefferson square park which never used to happen. my friend kat’s been sitting with me and talking with me (while finishing homework) which she never used to do before. its kinda starting to freak me out. before all of this started we’d barely ever talk to each other and definately wouldnt hang out during lunch, she was always busy with her friends and i was always strengthening my connection with the gods useing the beautiful nature thats in jefferson square park. thougn i havent asked (and wont because its really her buisness) i cant help but wonder if shes had a fall out with a bunch of her other friends and is switching over to me because she doesnt want to spend time with them. i’ll see what happens though. it may be that she starts chilling with them again eventually.

i stopped at michales today to buy more glow sticks. i bought 12 tubes of 15 at a dollar each. thats a lot of glow sticks at cheap. i plan on taking them to the next dance and giving them out since everyone seems to be interested in them and have probably labled me a raver because i had so many at homecoming. im debateing on weather or not i want to bring more of my fat ones (which are a lot more expensive than the skinny ones i just bought at 99 cents a peice) when i know i might want one for a rave or two later. for now i know where to find tons cheap and hope to get more of a stock before the next school dance just to make sure i have plenty. 🙂