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strange pickou through clairvoyace

Posted in Uncategorized on November 22, 2008 by gothiclg

i figured out i was clairvoyant back in 6th grade when i saw a panther ghost (which my friend had seen for years and never told me about until after i told her i saw it) and have gotten used to picking spirits/ghosts up on a regular (almost daily) basis since then. lately, though, its been picking up a guy thats had an effect on me lately. he ended a four year relationship awhile back and has been farely depressed not to mention he got in a minor car wreck recently. i went to some old psy-vamp stomping grounds a few days before halloween and for whatever reason i picked him up once stepping on the grounds. for a few days (until i got to work that weekend and spoke to a guy i worked with who saw him on a regular basis) i beleived him to be dead and following me around. now i keep picking him up constantly and more strongly every time. i know he’s still really depressed and im getting worried because the more im getting this depression from him the more i worry about him. ive left him a few messages and sent some text’s but havent gotten much in return. i’m getting worried about him and i know i cant stop by work to talk to him because im not sure how much he likes (or how comfortable he is with)┬áthe co-workers on his shift and i really cant think of a good reason for me to even show up there. any suggestions???

where to go from here???

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so…i got laid off recently. the night before this got confirmed one of the guys i worked with told me that a guy i worked with on occasion (and thought was pretty damn sexy) had gotten in a minor wreck that night. i snatched this guys number from said co-worker and texted him to see if he was okay. he turned out to be fine and texted each other back and forth for awhile. this guy’s had an effect on my life, despite us having spoken so little. hell, i finish a test (or class asignment or whatever) and something this guy has said or done (and sometime even just his face) shows up in my mind. lately we’ve been playing phone tag with each others phones (im up during the day, he at night) and adding messages to each others phones. ive never connected with a guy like i have with him and really have been woundering if im being told something that i havent been able to figure out yet. sure, he’s showed up in my poetry some (all of it poetry wondering about weather or not we’re “soulmates”) im still not sure. i just hope i can figure it out eventually and we can talk to something other than each others cell phone voicemail.