strange pickou through clairvoyace

i figured out i was clairvoyant back in 6th grade when i saw a panther ghost (which my friend had seen for years and never told me about until after i told her i saw it) and have gotten used to picking spirits/ghosts up on a regular (almost daily) basis since then. lately, though, its been picking up a guy thats had an effect on me lately. he ended a four year relationship awhile back and has been farely depressed not to mention he got in a minor car wreck recently. i went to some old psy-vamp stomping grounds a few days before halloween and for whatever reason i picked him up once stepping on the grounds. for a few days (until i got to work that weekend and spoke to a guy i worked with who saw him on a regular basis) i beleived him to be dead and following me around. now i keep picking him up constantly and more strongly every time. i know he’s still really depressed and im getting worried because the more im getting this depression from him the more i worry about him. ive left him a few messages and sent some text’s but havent gotten much in return. i’m getting worried about him and i know i cant stop by work to talk to him because im not sure how much he likes (or how comfortable he is with) the co-workers on his shift and i really cant think of a good reason for me to even show up there. any suggestions???

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  1. Good luck with him 🙂

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