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plane crash at dia

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we keep hearing tons on the news in colorado about the plane crash at denver international airport without any conclusive answers other than no one was killed. every day they choose to do another announcement about what’s going on without giving us anything new. they consistently repeat injeries and the fact that the plane hasnt been moved from the runway and their still investigateing why the crash happened. its one thing if they update us on whats going on when they have something new but gets old when its always so repetative. i feel bad for the people that were on the plane and feel bad that their families and their friends had to freak out wondering if they were all hurt and/or dead but the story hasnt changed much. everyone knows the state of their family and friends, knows if their hurt or still in the hospital. they know if they’ve gotten back home now or gotten on another plane to go where they really did belong.

i worked near DIA for a year and have heard of several accidents on the road where the car rentals are, one resulting in the death of a man who worked for a company that had hired my own. the other resulted in a minor injery of a woman who was driving her car away from her car rental and to where she was expected. i never heard about either one of these in the news, i heard about them through my uncle who witnessed the womans crash (as well as making sure she was okay and calling her an ambulance) and he heard about the mans death from one of the mans co-workers. DIA has been running for many years and your more likely to die or get badly hurt on the drive to the airport at any time (more likely in the winter with icy road conditions) than you are to die on a plane departing or arriving on DIA runways yet you never hear about any of these accidents on colorado news. you only hear about any mistakes the airport itself is making. i can understand that people want to know that it’s being investigated but honestly it doesnt happen often enough for it to be considered like this. as human beings we do something even more dangerous every day: drive. why such a fuss over our safest mode of transportation?

comeing new year

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with the new year coming ive been thinking of the past year. i’ve lent a cross dressing drug dealer (one of my first friends at tj and one of the weakest ones) my phone several times despite her oweing me so much already. ive met a few week friends from the GSA and i probably will never speak to them again after graduation. i’ve befriended a 15 year old who i’ve become closer to than many and will probably know for awhile. ive been bribed repeatedly by kids in my biology class to copy my tests and work since i seem to be one of the few passing in my class period. i go back to my last school where i had so many friends and still have many of them on my myspace account. many of them made changes in my life that i still see today, even without them being there on a daily basis. though i have switched religions within the last year and have seen many other changes i couldnt have seen while with them it’ll be depressing without them being there as much in 2009 as they were in 2008.

along with looking through this past year ive been looking into a good new years resolution. ive already started (and now quit) smokeing, already found and changed to a religion i feel comfortable with, havent taken any bribes for my work despite people wanting me to. ive started stretching my ears up slowly and will probably swapping between a 1o and an 8 gauge regularly throughout the year if not going to even bigger sizes. i cant really think of too many bad habits i could also kick that i havent already kicked in the past year. the only real one ive been able to think of is reading through the entire collection of edgar allen poe’s work since i already own the entire collection and have read some. there is little that i dont already do that i feel i need to do and am fairly sure that there could still be doing.

ive even b een looking more into animal rights and animal rights organiseations like PETA and paticipateing in what i could on top of being a vegetarian already. ive also done my best to sign up for volenteer oppurtunities at animal shelters around denver. for now i can only hope that i get a chance to help animals there.

holidays comeing and going.

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i just had yule pass by. i felt a strong connection with the universe (as i do with many of the pagan holidays) and had tons of fun despite not being around anyone with simmilar beleifs as me. now christmas is coming up and i already have all of my shopping done. despite loving christmas for years as a child its lost all of its flare now. i no longer care for worldly possetions and would rather just fix what i do have. i had to make a list for the family but it seems a bit lame that they think this holiday still matters to me even after the switch. with no other pagans around me that i know of it makes celebrateing the holidays i do enjoy a little harder. not to mention the new year is coming. though this still has a little of its fun its also lot a lot of its fun. sure, watching the entertainment as the ball drops in new york is always something i can do but theres little else i can do since i cant legally drink. *sigh* i thought these holidays would never have their fun fade but it already has, 18 years in to life. lets hope theres more that comes into life and i’ll have mu luck connecting with others.

fall out boy

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I get to go to their concert here in denver tonight. my sister got the tickets as an early birthday present (she bought them a few months ago after finding them over the internet on a local radio stations website) and i got invited along since she knew i liked the band. one of her friends and our other sister are going. i havent met this one of her friends yet (she hasnt been over yet) but i remember her older sister from the time i spent at the same high school and have her sisters page saved on my facebook. i know i’ll like the concert and we have seats in that appears the middle of the theater. the only thing that sucks is my mom is driving us so we dont have to worry about parking downtown. we’ll have to wait on her to come back to pick us up too. i guess its not too bad since i get to at least see a really good band.