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thrid bridge #2, aroura colorado

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third bridge is a huanted area in colorado. early american settleers and inians had once inhabited the area and had been in conflict for awhile. rumor has it that one night the two groups battled and the indians had won, killing all of the settlers. eventually, thanks to desiease brought along qith new settlers, all of the indians died aswell. if you spend some time on the bridge after dark you can hear the drums of the indians. if you get loud and roudy they seem to sound closer and louder.

it is also rumored that a young girl and her friends were partying with her friends on the bridge, some were drinkung. she was hit and killed by a drunk driver. some say you can hear her speak in your ear as if speaking to a friend that was there that night.

on the way to a bridge there is also a border collie that likes to make itself known. if the driver of your car is going fast enough that the dog would be killed if hit it will run out in front of your car and let you hit it. when you get out of the car in search of the dog there will be a streak of blood along the drivers side of the car but no body for the dog. the streak of blood also diappear in a short amount of time.

religion in schools

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evolution is a major topic in high school biology classes. two semesters of passed biology is a requirement for graduation. in many of these classes provided by public schools evolution is coverd for a good amount of one semester. the other end of a double edged sword, however, is never  mentioned. neither is the fact that students can beleive in whatever they like but still have to learn the information.

many students in these classes get aggravated with teachers about creationism isnt being mentioned when they beleive what the teacher is telling them is fake, that a god in one religion or another really created them and the ground that they stand on. some have even come to the point of walking out of or skipping classes while evolution is being taught and failing a test going over the topic.

many religious students i spoke with who beleived in a form of creationism would have felt more comfortable if the school (or, in some cases, the teacher) at least acknowledged the other half of the sword and that it was the choice of the student to beleive in what they like. that this wasnt being taught as the only way things were seen or one hundred percent proven.

gay-straight alliance in schools

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for some teens gay-straight alliance meetings are part of their school week. they get to socialize with people who also support gay rights and, in the case of glbtq students, can be a place to meet others like you.

to some though a GSA is for everyone who isnt strait. they hear the “gay” part of the title and assume they are either not welcome because of a straight orientation or are homophobic. the main point of these clubs is to promote acceptence of the community and to show how they can be the same as well. this point is often missed aswell. some may feel they’ll be victimized for being in it or feel like (mostly because of misconseptions of the bible) that gays dont deserve rights and they shouldnt attend.

some of these clubs will do things to promote acceptace such as planning events for international day of silence, a day where the glbtq community remains silent in order to promote gay rights and is considered a form of protest by some. some students also fearing persicution may even avoid these events no matter their sexuality because of the way their peers hate gays.

arts in schools

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art departments in schools are underfunded. many arts programs in schools are either being cut completely or are being funded by the students themselves. not to mention an under qualified teacher can be assigned to certain arts that they claim that they are able to teach.

many schools music programs hire teachers that cant even bring students to a beginner level as soon as they should be and cant assist the higher level students get better because of the lower students. things like ceramics classes that have been hosted in some schools for many years now require fees from students to remain afloat and even buy the most basic supplies for students to recieve credit for the class. though the state does keep many schools open this underfunding for the arts makes many students suffer as they try to do even the most basic of arts.

some schools, like the denver school of science and technology, rarely even offer a class in the arts. they leave holes there and offer electives that many students would rather not take if they get the choice of an elective at all. with more funding being cut for student arts classes it may get bad enough that none of these classes get any funding leaving some required credits for high school graduation left untouched and filled with credits that the students may either not need or have already filled their needs for.

teens and cell phones

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most teens these days seem to have an obssesion with texting. at 18 and haveing it availuble i dont see what the allure for it is completely. its convinient when you dont have time for a phone call or are busy doing something and cant talk on the phone but doing it all of the time gets insane. its not completely worth it. teenagers are supposed to be talking to friends on the phone rather than texting or useing phones for the internet.

i see more students with the newest version of the iphone (or simmilar cell phones) than anything else. they use these for everything and when an adult asks them to put it away they behave like their being asked to cut off one of their own limbs and eat it for their next meal. so many seem to be dependant on their cell phones i doubt they could find a land line if they tried because their so used to haveing the technology availuble.

whats even sadder is many adults have this same dependency. ive watched many tv shows where an adult claims their child or themselves need a cell phone.

poetry readings

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poetry readings are a fun time for many poets. their hosted in some schools as well as other venues. their a good way to spend a friday night and a good way to get comments on your own work.

i first started reading my own poetry for a largre crowd when the denver school of science and technology started the poetry cafe once a month every friday mourning three years ago. the entire school was present there (four hundred plus people): teachers, students, and occasionally visitors to the school. i got a lot of excellent comments and more often than not presented my own work. some comments would come from the litureature/writing department of the school but some also came from the students. thanks to email and laptops (both provided by the school year for the duration) helped with some comments for those who are busier.

now, at another high school (thomas jefferson), i plan attending another reading with a friend of mine. though i expect this to be reasonably smallewr than the swaree im used to attending (and reading at) since its being held in a single classroom i still beleive the reading will be as helpful as it has been for me in the past since there will be an interested audience present due to the time it begins. though the time is late there should be a decent turn out.


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I look through my dark

Cloud at the happy world

That always seems to

go on without me.


I force my way through

The required death and

Think of my god and

When he might

Come for me.


I wonder how painless

My death will be and if

I’ll know I’m

Dieing before it

Ever comes to be.


I wonder if I’ll

Be picked for the

Servitude of life

Or again to the

Servitude of love.