political stickers

its two months after the november 2008 election and im still seeing tons of political stickers on the back of various cars. its time to take these stickers off of these cars. obama has already won the election and goes from president elect to presedent on tuesday of this week. there is no need to keep the stickers adheared to the back of a car anymore encourageing people to vote for your candidate of choice. everything is already done.

i have nothing against showing your support for the president but election stickers are beyond out of date. theyve been selling t-shirts with his face for months and i couldnt see it stopping much within the next year. people will buy them to wear for a long time and, considering hes had the most threats on his life of any president or president elect they may be bought and altered to show a persons non-support of a perticular president. its time the stickers, though. where put to rest.

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