teens and cell phones

most teens these days seem to have an obssesion with texting. at 18 and haveing it availuble i dont see what the allure for it is completely. its convinient when you dont have time for a phone call or are busy doing something and cant talk on the phone but doing it all of the time gets insane. its not completely worth it. teenagers are supposed to be talking to friends on the phone rather than texting or useing phones for the internet.

i see more students with the newest version of the iphone (or simmilar cell phones) than anything else. they use these for everything and when an adult asks them to put it away they behave like their being asked to cut off one of their own limbs and eat it for their next meal. so many seem to be dependant on their cell phones i doubt they could find a land line if they tried because their so used to haveing the technology availuble.

whats even sadder is many adults have this same dependency. ive watched many tv shows where an adult claims their child or themselves need a cell phone.

One Response to “teens and cell phones”

  1. ashersimons Says:

    I think that owning a cell phone can be very beneficial to kids and young adults in order to learn responsibility with technology and finance. I do not approve of kids owning the latest and greatest cell or iphone on the market because that only teaches them to be materialistic, the same goes for fashion label clothing. A half decent pre-paid cell phone like Tracfone can teach kids to take care of the phone and be mindful of how much money they wast on calls especially if they have to budget the purchase of minutes themselves. The Sullivan report also shows how important cell phones can be in the case of an emergancy and in added business potential, if you’re interested in reading have a look at the link.

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