arts in schools

art departments in schools are underfunded. many arts programs in schools are either being cut completely or are being funded by the students themselves. not to mention an under qualified teacher can be assigned to certain arts that they claim that they are able to teach.

many schools music programs hire teachers that cant even bring students to a beginner level as soon as they should be and cant assist the higher level students get better because of the lower students. things like ceramics classes that have been hosted in some schools for many years now require fees from students to remain afloat and even buy the most basic supplies for students to recieve credit for the class. though the state does keep many schools open this underfunding for the arts makes many students suffer as they try to do even the most basic of arts.

some schools, like the denver school of science and technology, rarely even offer a class in the arts. they leave holes there and offer electives that many students would rather not take if they get the choice of an elective at all. with more funding being cut for student arts classes it may get bad enough that none of these classes get any funding leaving some required credits for high school graduation left untouched and filled with credits that the students may either not need or have already filled their needs for.

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