the german halocaust: not just for the jews

everyone has heard at least a little about the halocaust in nazi germany, even if it was just a small peice in a history textbook during school. many have also heard that one of the main groups targeted by adolf hitler was the jews. they were not the only ones targeted.

hitler also targeted the disabled, old, gay, and criminals. all of these were added to the list to help make a more perfect arian race as hitler had set out to so. “pink triangle prisoners”, which included homosexuals and anyone convicted of a sex related crime, where often used as target practice by ss officers in the camps. each prisoner wore an identifying triangle (to show they were jewesh, homosexual/sex crime, ecetera) making them easy to pick out from the group.

even after the end of the halocaust, when most were being compensated by germany for their suffering, gays where not. because they were on the same level as sex crime convicts they were considered to be on the same level as the criminals. this is shown with the words of  Heinz Hegar: “My request for compensation for the years of concentration camp was rejected by our democratic authorities, for as a pink triangle prisoner, a homosexual, I had been condemned for a criminal offence, even if I had not harmed anyone. No restitution is granted to ‘criminal’ concentration camp victims.”

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