religion 2

looking back into the idea of there being religion in public schools it seems that they only have to be neutral to religion and schools are not allowed to restrict any form of religious beleif from students as long as it isnt disturbing any other school functions and that students arent being harrassed about the religion they choose to follow.

reading through i got to see that teachers did actually get to do some teaching about religion (and religios scriptures such as the bible) but never from a religious standpoint. they had to be neutral to whatever they were teaching and not show that they favored anything. its the same with the administration of a school. if they supported any club that wasnt based on school subject (things like gay strait alliance, knitting clubs, book clubs, food and culture clubs, ect) they also had to allow religious clubs along with it as long as they were getting government funding.

students are even allowed to pass out pamplets concerning religion because its protected by free speach. so is doing thigns like praying over food or reading a bible without being restricted by it.

though the girl who had written the articles about people being suspended for bringing religious things to schools its no more than a rumor. though teachers are restricted from perfering any religion students still have all of their rights to express their religion as long as it doesnt involve harrassing other stundents.

though teachers are restricted in their own personal expression of religion and unable to share religion with students they have the option of connecting with other students about it.

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