Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

in the story houses have been completely fireproofed eliminateing the need to have the fireman many of us have become accustomed to seeing to go and put out fires. instead of putting out fires they have had their job description changed: to burn down homes where the people living there are reported to have books. people can directly call in the alerts and have them sent to the local firehouse who promptly rush to the home and burn it down upon finding books (or even a single book) in the home. fahrenhight 451 is about the plight of a single fireman who discovers that what he’s doing is wrong and his attemp to save the very thing that he originally helped burn.

to many the book resonates, espechally those of us who enjoy reading. though, today, it seems likely that many will eventually stop reading with how much else there is to do those of us that do enjoy it, its unheard of to burn books and possibly destroying a culture. with this book, originally published 59 years ago, we’re faced with an alternate reality that could eventually come true in some ways. despite all the time thats passed since its original publication this story will remain one of americas classics for a very long time.

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