the green mile by stephen king

an older man now lives in a retirement home. the worst thing he expeirences on a regular basis is an orderly that seems to be out to get him and moniters what he does everyday and seeks to discover the motives behind the walks he takes every day. the man is in his early hundreds and, before coming to the retirement home, worked on the death row cell block refered to as the green mile due to the green tileing and the distance between the death row cells and the electric chair. the story alternates between what happens at the nurseing home and what happened on the green mile many years ago. he goes back to the troubleng inmates and one of the troubleing workers on the green mile. he speaks about one inmate, john coffey, who has a very interesting ability to heal. he not only heals him of a urinary tract infection, but a mouse of various broken bones and who knows what else from being stepped on, and the wardens wife of a brain tumor that couldnt be operated on that was slowly killing her. he also speaks of a few of the executions that occur while he worked on the green mile. there is also percy, another worker on the mile who seems to be more interested in scareing the inmates than he is at doing his job. he is also referred to as completely incompitant.

though many of us will never be put in or work on death row the book resonates just as equally in the soul. you actually feel as if you were on the green mile seeing everything descibed and it speaks deeply of what is there. if you are for or against the death penalty (no matter the means) it will speak to you as if you were really there.

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