ringling brothers animal abuse

many people following star news use entertainment tonight as a news scource for celebs (and on occasion other news) saw them broadcast a video showing ringling brothers abuseing their elephants. the video had been taken on a ringling brothers site recently and showed how the elephants cruel treatment in something that many americans consider entertainment and many parents would take their children to see. its caused a giant surge in people wanting to help the elephants and other animals that ringling brothers (and hopefully many other circuses involveing animals in their shows) to be removed from their care completely or given proper treatment from the circus itself.

for many of us following peta and peta2 (despite the euthanasia record that no one can deny) this is far from new news. i  had personally seen an older video (also taken on site with the ringling bros circus) showing the same abuse of the elephants and how one worker clearly enjoyed beating the animals in may of 2008 (how old the video was at this point im unsure). personally, i think all americans should be appalled about what a circus (and many other branches of the entertainment industry) can do under their noses. not to mention what other kinds of animal abuse occur right under most peoples noses without anyone knowing about whats going on. thanks to the efforts of organizeations like peta (and the people willing to show around leaflets of whats going on) its fineally coming to light for people who are willing to seek it. hopefully this is something we’re all willing to do as humane people, no matter what our beleifs in other areas of live are.



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  1. Celebritylife.org tracking back – ringling brothers animal abuse…

    Celebritylife.org tracking back – ringling brothers animal abuse…

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