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Experience with the paranormal

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Hearing the phrase “the paranormal scared me when I was little” is something that seems to be really common among people who experienced the paranormal when they were young children. I’m far from one of these people, even though I am clairaudient and have been so my whole life but I really was afraid of the dead when I was young. The only thing I had ever seen of ghosts was what I saw in children’s cartoons and movies like Scooby Doo and these things were always that they were evil and tried to hurt people. There was nothing else I could base it on.

I always knew that there was something in my home. At 12 I ran into one in a friends home and it had been the first time that I had been clairvoyant instead of my usual clairaudient. Not to mention a panther with a bullet through its forehead isn’t something any 12 year old animal lover would want to spot in her friends bedroom. Even if my friend wanted to claim I was freaked out by her old fashioned porcelain dolls that were on the shelf near her bed (which she did for the longest time because she honestly thought they freaked most 12 year old kids out) I knew that wasn’t it. After what I’d seen that night (and a decent temperature change I couldn’t explain with air conditioning or the wind) I knew there was something else there that she wasn’t admitting to.

A few months to a year later (I honestly don’t remember exactly when) my family moved in to a new house, it had just been built and nothing (at this point in time at least) had died there. I knew there was no reason for me to think there were any spirits/ghosts there to scare me. There shouldn’t have been right? The house was new and nothing had died there. Wrong. Spirits had followed me here to this new house, nothing had changed from where I had just been where I knew the house had been old and people/animals could have easily died there. I honestly didn’t expect that a few weeks after moving that there would be another ghost sighting in store for me that would once again scare me in the same way that the panther’s spirit had in my friend’s room.

The next time said friend came over I told her about this too. At this point in time she had become obsessed with the paranormal and everything that had to do with it. She would never talk about anything else and after I told her I had seen another spirit she never came in my room either, she figured my room was cursed to see spirits and she didn’t want to be there. I, though, had to learn to sleep in there while she still considered her own haunting a dream I was having.

In time I got used to the paranormal as more and more happened in my new home. 2 pets have now died that once belonged here, a cat (she was euthanized at the vet because of kidney failure) and a treasured dog (she died in her sleep in our home, I was the last one to pet her the night she died somehow having been warned that I was never going to see her again). I treasure these expierences now and don’t let them terrify me. Their something not everyone gets and something that I don’t think I should ever let myself intentionally let go of since not everyone gets to have this happen to them on a regular basis. Considering it doesn’t happen to many, I really do consider it a gift.

death panels

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a lot of people have so far heard alot about the death panels. like most other people in the country the word “death” makes it sound pretty bad and makes some even acuse the government of being nazi’s and trying to euthinize senior citizens like the nazi’s had since the old and sick couldnt work or help out in many (or sometimes any) way.

the fact is, these claims are untrue. the death panels are a medicare benifit they are trying to set up and make free for everyone on medicare. for those of you who have parents on medicare (though it may be limited numbers of my readers) have they ever had  a stroke and were unable to make important decisions for themselves? ever had to fight with lawyers to be ablle to make decisions for said parent in this case legally? well this is what the death panels are, lawyers willing to help you with this for free because their being paid by the government. their meant to be there to help you make decisions for a loved one that will no longer be able to make them for themselves or for setting something up for if (or in some cases when or maybe its even happened already) you need to gain this power over loved ones.

do the death panels still sound bad? i know it doesnt for me with my dad already in his mid-fifties and my mom soon to enter menopause. if something ever happened to them and they were old enough to get medicare (or maybe were on it already at this point) i know id want this panel out there, wouldnt you?

obamas veiw on gay rights

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i’m sure i wasnt alone in november when i was hoping obama would take a position for gay rights which many, gay or straight, has fought for for a long time, even here in america. anyone following politics also knows that obama keeps changeing his veiw on gay rights, often against our cause.

while those against gay rights arent worried those of us for should be, and not just a little. if obama doesnt support our cause it could be another 4 years (and possibly 8 asumeing there are enough people satisfied with the horrible and passive way he is running the country) before we can get something into the government pertaining to gay rights, none the less get anything else done.