new taxes on things like cigarettes and some foods

I’m sure a lot of people have heard about new taxes on their favorite brands of cigarettes (over the past 9 months its been a lot) and one proposed to be added to things like sodas and juice.

I would say smokers have the least to complain about. Sure, some cigarettes have broke $5 and $6 which I’ll agree is a lot to pay for something that is bad for you and in the long run could kill you. Do you need to smoke? Of course not. Do you choose to smoke? Yes. I know a lot of smokers who weren’t fans of the higher taxes on the brand they smoked, some of them paying as much as $6.50 for the brand they smoked. Guess what most of them did? Quit smoking, saved that $6.50 a pack and took it somewhere that the taxes were lower and that they could afford on a more regular basis. I know for a lot of smokers, especially those who smoke a pack or more a day, this is a lot easier said than done. Can it still be done? Yes. This is honestly a tax that can easily be left alone because people can choose to stop buying them both because of the tax and because its bad for them.

Higher taxes on food I can easily understand people being upset about. We all need food or we aren’t going to last very long. One of the huge taxes proposed is on sodas. Sodas are another tax hike I can understand. Like cigarettes their bad for us and we can choose not to buy them. We know that the ingredients on the side of the cans, boxes, and bottles are chemicals we can’t pronounce and theirs no way we know what they are unless we decide to look it up. Diet sodas, the ones that are supposed to be “better” for us, are in fact worse. They turn into formaldehyde (the nasty stuff that we got to smell in high school that they preserved our dissection subjects in) after we ingest them (check links under “know your food on the sidebar, their the ones about aspartame).  Even regular sodas that have Splenda in them their poisoning us because it registers as arsenic and it tricks us into thinking we have something for energy when it really can’t break it down (check out the “Tale of 2 sweeteners link, near the bottom of know your food in the sidebar for more information).

Other foods are things that many of us most likely couldn’t choose not to buy. Most of us need a lot of the other things on the shelves are things many of us could use and couldn’t live without. I know, personally, that as a college student, that buying things like needed food is hard enough with only a part time job and even if I was using my student loans, which are honestly high enough considering my college charges $30,000 in tuition that I’ll be paying off later, food is enough of a struggle. Not to mention, from being a volunteer in my high schools admissions office, their are still people trying to support a family on $15,000 a year for income. In this case just rent would seem an insane amount of money out of their paycheck each year not to mention that these days it may put these people below the modern poverty line.

Democrats still support the new taxes? May even some Independents and Republicans supporting the new taxes? Think twice for those who maybe won’t have a choice to buy food because of the tax compared to those things we can choose not to buy such as sodas and cigarettes.

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