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poetry readings

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poetry readings are a fun time for many poets. their hosted in some schools as well as other venues. their a good way to spend a friday night and a good way to get comments on your own work.

i first started reading my own poetry for a largre crowd when the denver school of science and technology started the poetry cafe once a month every friday mourning three years ago. the entire school was present there (four hundred plus people): teachers, students, and occasionally visitors to the school. i got a lot of excellent comments and more often than not presented my own work. some comments would come from the litureature/writing department of the school but some also came from the students. thanks to email and laptops (both provided by the school year for the duration) helped with some comments for those who are busier.

now, at another high school (thomas jefferson), i plan attending another reading with a friend of mine. though i expect this to be reasonably smallewr than the swaree im used to attending (and reading at) since its being held in a single classroom i still beleive the reading will be as helpful as it has been for me in the past since there will be an interested audience present due to the time it begins. though the time is late there should be a decent turn out.

inauguration 2009

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this mourning at school it seemed i couldnt get away from barak obama’s inauguration. every television in the classrooms were tuned in to CNN to watch the first black president take office. when the time came around for us to fineally watch him become president everyone stopped to whatch him take the presidential oath and give his speech. no one was able to pay attention to anything else. all work stopped while he was talking, like a god had come down to earth.

i even listened to the preachers that came on before him though i dont beleive in that religion. they said a lot of great things that i honestly hope that obama’s presedency goes very well. he deserves it after comeing this far with his familu to whatch him, not to mention that his grandmother died before learning he won the general election, though im sure she knows he won where ever she went in this afterlife.

i dont know if anyone noticed but during the speech, when they switched the veiw to george walker bush for a moment he seemed a bit peeved at the speach, like he was almost a bit offended by the speech. compared to how horribly he’s made himself look during his eight years in office obama looks like a saint and doesnt deserve too much pity. most people have witnessed a major part of history today (with our first black president going into office, even if he’s black only in part) and depending on the whole iraq thing goes he may go down in history as worse than he already has.

i just hope obama has a good plan on what to do in the war in iraq. if he handles it badly it could drive the country and country relations badly. though many people want us out of the war pulling out too early can have drastic circumstances though it may save the lives of some of our troops. we’ve lost so many already i dont think adding to the death toll much would matter much though so many families have had to bury their sons, daughters, husbands, wives, and dear friends. even here in denver i see many troops passing through our city through the airport and just in general areas in the city. ive also heard of close friends of my own close friends sighning up for the army and prepareing to go out to war. though im a bit surprised to hear of eighteen year olds going to war it doesnt surprise me that they would want to go in the first place. it gives them a lot to look forward to and they have the honor to serve their country. we’ll just have to see how everything goes, both in the war and obama’s presedency.

comeing new year

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with the new year coming ive been thinking of the past year. i’ve lent a cross dressing drug dealer (one of my first friends at tj and one of the weakest ones) my phone several times despite her oweing me so much already. ive met a few week friends from the GSA and i probably will never speak to them again after graduation. i’ve befriended a 15 year old who i’ve become closer to than many and will probably know for awhile. ive been bribed repeatedly by kids in my biology class to copy my tests and work since i seem to be one of the few passing in my class period. i go back to my last school where i had so many friends and still have many of them on my myspace account. many of them made changes in my life that i still see today, even without them being there on a daily basis. though i have switched religions within the last year and have seen many other changes i couldnt have seen while with them it’ll be depressing without them being there as much in 2009 as they were in 2008.

along with looking through this past year ive been looking into a good new years resolution. ive already started (and now quit) smokeing, already found and changed to a religion i feel comfortable with, havent taken any bribes for my work despite people wanting me to. ive started stretching my ears up slowly and will probably swapping between a 1o and an 8 gauge regularly throughout the year if not going to even bigger sizes. i cant really think of too many bad habits i could also kick that i havent already kicked in the past year. the only real one ive been able to think of is reading through the entire collection of edgar allen poe’s work since i already own the entire collection and have read some. there is little that i dont already do that i feel i need to do and am fairly sure that there could still be doing.

ive even b een looking more into animal rights and animal rights organiseations like PETA and paticipateing in what i could on top of being a vegetarian already. ive also done my best to sign up for volenteer oppurtunities at animal shelters around denver. for now i can only hope that i get a chance to help animals there.

where to go from here???

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so…i got laid off recently. the night before this got confirmed one of the guys i worked with told me that a guy i worked with on occasion (and thought was pretty damn sexy) had gotten in a minor wreck that night. i snatched this guys number from said co-worker and texted him to see if he was okay. he turned out to be fine and texted each other back and forth for awhile. this guy’s had an effect on my life, despite us having spoken so little. hell, i finish a test (or class asignment or whatever) and something this guy has said or done (and sometime even just his face) shows up in my mind. lately we’ve been playing phone tag with each others phones (im up during the day, he at night) and adding messages to each others phones. ive never connected with a guy like i have with him and really have been woundering if im being told something that i havent been able to figure out yet. sure, he’s showed up in my poetry some (all of it poetry wondering about weather or not we’re “soulmates”) im still not sure. i just hope i can figure it out eventually and we can talk to something other than each others cell phone voicemail.