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poetry readings

Posted in class/school, friends, life, poetry, travel with tags , on January 23, 2009 by gothiclg

poetry readings are a fun time for many poets. their hosted in some schools as well as other venues. their a good way to spend a friday night and a good way to get comments on your own work.

i first started reading my own poetry for a largre crowd when the denver school of science and technology started the poetry cafe once a month every friday mourning three years ago. the entire school was present there (four hundred plus people): teachers, students, and occasionally visitors to the school. i got a lot of excellent comments and more often than not presented my own work. some comments would come from the litureature/writing department of the school but some also came from the students. thanks to email and laptops (both provided by the school year for the duration) helped with some comments for those who are busier.

now, at another high school (thomas jefferson), i plan attending another reading with a friend of mine. though i expect this to be reasonably smallewr than the swaree im used to attending (and reading at) since its being held in a single classroom i still beleive the reading will be as helpful as it has been for me in the past since there will be an interested audience present due to the time it begins. though the time is late there should be a decent turn out.

plane crash at dia

Posted in life, travel with tags , , , , , on December 30, 2008 by gothiclg

we keep hearing tons on the news in colorado about the plane crash at denver international airport without any conclusive answers other than no one was killed. every day they choose to do another announcement about what’s going on without giving us anything new. they consistently repeat injeries and the fact that the plane hasnt been moved from the runway and their still investigateing why the crash happened. its one thing if they update us on whats going on when they have something new but gets old when its always so repetative. i feel bad for the people that were on the plane and feel bad that their families and their friends had to freak out wondering if they were all hurt and/or dead but the story hasnt changed much. everyone knows the state of their family and friends, knows if their hurt or still in the hospital. they know if they’ve gotten back home now or gotten on another plane to go where they really did belong.

i worked near DIA for a year and have heard of several accidents on the road where the car rentals are, one resulting in the death of a man who worked for a company that had hired my own. the other resulted in a minor injery of a woman who was driving her car away from her car rental and to where she was expected. i never heard about either one of these in the news, i heard about them through my uncle who witnessed the womans crash (as well as making sure she was okay and calling her an ambulance) and he heard about the mans death from one of the mans co-workers. DIA has been running for many years and your more likely to die or get badly hurt on the drive to the airport at any time (more likely in the winter with icy road conditions) than you are to die on a plane departing or arriving on DIA runways yet you never hear about any of these accidents on colorado news. you only hear about any mistakes the airport itself is making. i can understand that people want to know that it’s being investigated but honestly it doesnt happen often enough for it to be considered like this. as human beings we do something even more dangerous every day: drive. why such a fuss over our safest mode of transportation?

chinese fire drills

Posted in life, travel with tags , , , , on October 22, 2008 by gothiclg

we pulled another one today…well at least my friends sister and her friends did. we were at the light at wal-mart and they got out and ran. one of the friends dropped a pack of gum but he always drops something. last time it was his phone in my car, i left it to freeze in my car that night and gave it to him the next day. was fun to watch them run around the car though.

the campaign adds are beginning to annoy me. i’ve seen them a million times and its beginning to get old seeing all of the negativity. ive even been getting campaign adds in the mail from both campaigns with even more negativity.¬†you’d think they’d have figured out that promoteing what they beleive in may work alot better for those of us in the moderate section of the political spectrum. sure, some pay attention to those (i did for awhile there) but not everybody. i guess they gotta get the idiots to vote for them somewhere, right?

crazy times

Posted in class/school, life, travel with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on October 21, 2008 by gothiclg

today started out a bit crazy and only got crazier. it seemed like i was about to be hit the whole drive to school and it got crazier from there. most of the day i guess you could say was calm until we got to the point we went to pick my sister up from school. when we got there i put my car in park at the curb and we randomly wanted to do a chinese fire drill for no good reason. after we fineally decided we wanted to park and go in and talk to people we knew from before until we got kicked out a half hour later. fineally we left there and headed home. on the way my friend had me stop at two different stoplights on purpose (we went really slow) so we could do chinese fire drills the right way. she and i were the only ones that did the first one and her sister and her sisters friend did that one. it was a blast. at least one person laughed at us and more probably thought we were on some sort of drugs

while passing wal-mart though we spotted this hot guy. my friend told me to honk at him for something to do and i did (which she wasnt expecting) and the dude seriously spun around to see who was honking! we were all cracking up and my friend called out the window to him. crazy crazy day.