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dolores claiborne by stephen king

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being a stephen king fan and having read many of his novels over the years it wasn’t quite what i had expected.

for me, most of his novels are creepy enough to keep me up some nights, even as someone with horror movies, novels, and writing an abundant part of my life since i was young.

with murder, incest, and some accidents along the way it was definately a great read. it was one i wasnt tempted to put down and was bummed when i fineally reached the end and knew what happened to the main charecter (and narrator) dolores claiborne.

new to stephen king or an old fan i definately recomend this book.

the roaches have no king reveiw

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a book from the perspective of cockroaches living in a jewish mans home. they once lived in the beautiful filth of the mans home and enjoyed every moment of it. this bliss was shattered when the mans girlfriend, known to the roaches as the gypsy, leaves him. a new woman comes into the picture and is a neat freak. as the roaches fight for their way of life one also goes on a fight to find the gypsy and have her return.

definately an interesting veiw of an insect. its definately a veiw that most people wouldnt consider looking into. the further you go into the story the more you wonder what will happen. though im not usaully one to enjoy a book from the veiw of something i would consider a pest, as with many other readers. i fully expected to be completely grossed out by the thought of reading a book from the point of veiw of a roach. by the end of the book you feel for the roach and understand everything they were going through. a great book for parents and their kids, or just as a person who enjoys reading. even with the point of veiw of a roach there, you still wont feel sympathetic enough to keep the buggers in your home!

angels and demons

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many people are familiar of the story of the davinchi code. this is a story that i have to admit, has a similar vibe to it.

despite all vibes simmilar to the davinchi code this book is also very different. its a story of love, religion, and distruction. its something that people, no matter their religious choices, can enjoy reading. not only does it have a positive veiw on many abrahamic religions it also, in some ways, shows how despite religion people can get  along.

im not one who spends a lot of time looseing sleep in a book, in fact, this is the first time its happened in several years. this is definately a book good enough to loose sleep over. with every page the story evolves and it keeps you gripped in every twist and turn as they come into veiw. as soon as you think you know whats going to happen it finds a new way to evolve.

no matter your opinions on the movie version, the book is definately worth the read. it’ll keep you gripped until the very end and make you not want to sleep until you get to the end.

perloo the bold by avi

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a world of rabit like creatures called montmers live in various burrows on hills. many of these tribes are separate and have seperate leaders, like kings or queens, called granters. they have an enemy that are human sized wolfs. perloo, a montmer who perfers to live alone and read books about history, is one day called out of his burrow to talk with the current granter, jolaine. he has spoken to granter jolaine before on a several occasions about montmer history, something they both had learned a lot about. this time though, their talk isnt to be about history. this time granter jolaine wants to make him the new granter of the montmers. this is something her first assistant isnt allowed to tell him. joliane had referred to him as “perloo the unwilling” and feared that telling him  what was to come would prevent him from coming. upon coming to the burrow where many of the montmers live jolains cub, burwig the big, greets him.

he tells the first assistant that he will take perloo to jolaine and makes sure guards keep the first assistant from following them. instead of taking him to jolain, like perloo expects him to, he puts them in one of the burrows jail cells. though unknown to perloo, berwig had jailed him because he knew that jolaine planned on making him granter and wouldnt sign the proclamation unless perloo was there to hear her choice. if the proclomation wasnt signed, berwig would inherit the position of granter, a position he beleived belonged to him as a birthwrite. he wanted to start a war with their enimies which he cant to without becoming granter himself. the first assistant hears rumors of where perloo has gone and eventually makes a plan to help him escape and get to jolaine, also allowing him to become granter of the burrow and all montmers.

this is a great book for young chindren and adults. it keeps you reading until the last page and has an interesting story line throughout the book. it starts out at a realatively fast pace and that keeps up throughout the book. its as much fun for kids as it is for adults. avi is an excellent writer for people of all ages.

harry potter and the deathly hollows

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by now everyone has heard of the theme of harry potter and know the basics of what the book would be about.  of the harry potter series this is one of the most dramatic and also my personal favorite. though many peoples favorite charecters pass away in the final book of the series and an ending that many of s wouldnt compeletely expect to see coming it keeps you reading until the end. a recomee ended read for those who have  read any other books in the popular book series or have kids of the age to read harry potter.

the green mile by stephen king

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an older man now lives in a retirement home. the worst thing he expeirences on a regular basis is an orderly that seems to be out to get him and moniters what he does everyday and seeks to discover the motives behind the walks he takes every day. the man is in his early hundreds and, before coming to the retirement home, worked on the death row cell block refered to as the green mile due to the green tileing and the distance between the death row cells and the electric chair. the story alternates between what happens at the nurseing home and what happened on the green mile many years ago. he goes back to the troubleng inmates and one of the troubleing workers on the green mile. he speaks about one inmate, john coffey, who has a very interesting ability to heal. he not only heals him of a urinary tract infection, but a mouse of various broken bones and who knows what else from being stepped on, and the wardens wife of a brain tumor that couldnt be operated on that was slowly killing her. he also speaks of a few of the executions that occur while he worked on the green mile. there is also percy, another worker on the mile who seems to be more interested in scareing the inmates than he is at doing his job. he is also referred to as completely incompitant.

though many of us will never be put in or work on death row the book resonates just as equally in the soul. you actually feel as if you were on the green mile seeing everything descibed and it speaks deeply of what is there. if you are for or against the death penalty (no matter the means) it will speak to you as if you were really there.

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

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in the story houses have been completely fireproofed eliminateing the need to have the fireman many of us have become accustomed to seeing to go and put out fires. instead of putting out fires they have had their job description changed: to burn down homes where the people living there are reported to have books. people can directly call in the alerts and have them sent to the local firehouse who promptly rush to the home and burn it down upon finding books (or even a single book) in the home. fahrenhight 451 is about the plight of a single fireman who discovers that what he’s doing is wrong and his attemp to save the very thing that he originally helped burn.

to many the book resonates, espechally those of us who enjoy reading. though, today, it seems likely that many will eventually stop reading with how much else there is to do those of us that do enjoy it, its unheard of to burn books and possibly destroying a culture. with this book, originally published 59 years ago, we’re faced with an alternate reality that could eventually come true in some ways. despite all the time thats passed since its original publication this story will remain one of americas classics for a very long time.