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Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on May 3, 2009 by gothiclg

a few months ago my original camera had been stolen from my backpack from school. recently (because of my birthday) i replaced it with a 12.2 megapixel samsung with a three inch lcd screen. the pictures look awsome though i havent had much of a chance to use it yet. thanks to an awsome deal at the best buy i bought the camera at i bought and 8 gigabite sd card to go with it that gives me 1,888 pictures with the amount of megapixels i have with my camera. not to mention, my younger sister (who has what i belive is an 8 or 9 megapixel camera) can use the same card with her camera just in case hers runs out of space and needs to borrow a card. not to mention it charges in the wall making it more eco friendly then if it sucked double a batteries than if i had to throw them away on a regular basis. not to mention i dont have to worry about it breaking if i choose to use rechargeable double a batteries that i would have to throw out a lot less often then their non-rechargeable cousins.

along with the new camera i bought a new camera case since the other was stolen with the last camera. i probably spent the good part of 5 mins looking for a case at wal mart. of course there was all of the fancy designer cases with the synthetic faberics and dyes that everyone is so used to seeing in this modern world of ours. i looked at every model there was for the case looking for one i liked that was also cheep. though not designer and a shade of green that most people wouldnt even consider carrying their camera around in i found one that was eco friendly and it was the cheepest one in the entire collection of camera cases. its made out of cotton fibers which can easily be renewed as more farmers grow more for things such as clothing and this brand of camera cases. though its not pretty looking and a lot of people wouldnt consider buying it i did for the enviromental factor. its better than the nylon the rest of the cases were made of (nylon being made from whats left when we make of our cars) and it will later biodegrade.