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Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on January 29, 2009 by gothiclg

evolution is a major topic in high school biology classes. two semesters of passed biology is a requirement for graduation. in many of these classes provided by public schools evolution is coverd for a good amount of one semester. the other end of a double edged sword, however, is neverĀ  mentioned. neither is the fact that students can beleive in whatever they like but still have to learn the information.

many students in these classes get aggravated with teachers about creationism isnt being mentioned when they beleive what the teacher is telling them is fake, that a god in one religion or another really created them and the ground that they stand on. some have even come to the point of walking out of or skipping classes while evolution is being taught and failing a test going over the topic.

many religious students i spoke with who beleived in a form of creationism would have felt more comfortable if the school (or, in some cases, the teacher) at least acknowledged the other half of the sword and that it was the choice of the student to beleive in what they like. that this wasnt being taught as the only way things were seen or one hundred percent proven.