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knowing what you eat

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if your like most people who arent vegetarians/vegans you arent aware of whats in your food or how “good” they really are for you. you just eat because your hungry and often dont think about whats actually there, how it might be polluted or really bad for you. in fact, a lot of the foods we’ve been growing up thinking are really good for us or even polluted. yeah, you read that right, polluted.

did you have any idea that pestisides like ddt, long illegal within the united states, are not only still here but in the food we eat? they remain in the ground still. the plants take this pestiside out of the ground and make it part of themselves. these plants are often harvested and can be fed not only to us in all non-organic veggies but to the animals most americans also eat. the animals magnify the polutants they get from the plants and once we eat them this number is magnafied again. we have an even larger number of polutants this way than if we had just eaten the plants themselves.

any idea how many drugs are in your meat? living here in the states the number of drugs is uregulated so there could be more than you could imagine. if we lived somewhere like europe, there would be only 4 and none would be used in humans. here, any number of them could be used in humans and the number is so high many countries wont even import meat from this country. worried about swine flu now? maybe even any number of other colds? thanks to the meat your eating and all of the antibiotics used in both the animals and in humans we’re practically a breading ground for a superbug that doctors wont be able to treat. we’re all welcoming a pandemic.

worried about cancer? meat makes your risk even higher. no matter how much you eat your risk is higher.

like fish for the fatty acids? no good health links. in fact, it may even damage your health and you can get the same fatty acids from other scources other than fish and fish oil.

i bet you may even be one of those people who believe humans need meat. lets lock you in a room with a cow with your only weapons being your own teeth and fingernails. its really hard to kill that cow in the first place, none the less eat it. thats why tigers are carnivores: those things are specialized. know your intestines? your meat stays rotting udigested in them because you cat digest all of it like a carnivore could. humans are meant to eat non-animal products. with them we’re not doing ourselves any good.

dont want to believe me? look at my links below “know your food”, see what i’m saying is true. still dont want to believe it after that? you know how to use google. feel free to look into it all yourself. theres plenty on the web to show it and just as much in a local library. you just have to be willing to find it.