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Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on June 15, 2009 by gothiclg

many have heard of the shows and their movies, many of them having endured time as new fans continue to flock to them and continue on with a lot of different series, both in the making and not.

the newest movie in the star trek saga is something many of the older fans (or maybe what some would call the hardcore fans depending on who is being spoken to) have been waiting for since they heard it was in the making, i know i was personally, having been called a trekkie for many years. though i do like the original series with its original cast, the new movie is an excellent edition to star trek and definately a must see for both new and old fans as well as people who have never before seen star trek. excellent in its portrayel in the much beloved charecters you get sucked right in and quickly youre able to accept the newest casting as being our accepted favorites.

many of those going to see it that are new to trek will be sucked into the movie while current fans will be tempted to yell at the screen and share the drama. of all the twists and turns in the movie (that i wont reveal for those yet to see the movie on screen) its one of my top pics for movies in 2009 and one of the ones i would label as a must see, fan of trek or otherwise.