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ringling brothers animal abuse

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many people following star news use entertainment tonight as a news scource for celebs (and on occasion other news) saw them broadcast a video showing ringling brothers abuseing their elephants. the video had been taken on a ringling brothers site recently and showed how the elephants cruel treatment in something that many americans consider entertainment and many parents would take their children to see. its caused a giant surge in people wanting to help the elephants and other animals that ringling brothers (and hopefully many other circuses involveing animals in their shows) to be removed from their care completely or given proper treatment from the circus itself.

for many of us following peta and peta2 (despite the euthanasia record that no one can deny) this is far from new news. i  had personally seen an older video (also taken on site with the ringling bros circus) showing the same abuse of the elephants and how one worker clearly enjoyed beating the animals in may of 2008 (how old the video was at this point im unsure). personally, i think all americans should be appalled about what a circus (and many other branches of the entertainment industry) can do under their noses. not to mention what other kinds of animal abuse occur right under most peoples noses without anyone knowing about whats going on. thanks to the efforts of organizeations like peta (and the people willing to show around leaflets of whats going on) its fineally coming to light for people who are willing to seek it. hopefully this is something we’re all willing to do as humane people, no matter what our beleifs in other areas of live are.

comeing new year

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with the new year coming ive been thinking of the past year. i’ve lent a cross dressing drug dealer (one of my first friends at tj and one of the weakest ones) my phone several times despite her oweing me so much already. ive met a few week friends from the GSA and i probably will never speak to them again after graduation. i’ve befriended a 15 year old who i’ve become closer to than many and will probably know for awhile. ive been bribed repeatedly by kids in my biology class to copy my tests and work since i seem to be one of the few passing in my class period. i go back to my last school where i had so many friends and still have many of them on my myspace account. many of them made changes in my life that i still see today, even without them being there on a daily basis. though i have switched religions within the last year and have seen many other changes i couldnt have seen while with them it’ll be depressing without them being there as much in 2009 as they were in 2008.

along with looking through this past year ive been looking into a good new years resolution. ive already started (and now quit) smokeing, already found and changed to a religion i feel comfortable with, havent taken any bribes for my work despite people wanting me to. ive started stretching my ears up slowly and will probably swapping between a 1o and an 8 gauge regularly throughout the year if not going to even bigger sizes. i cant really think of too many bad habits i could also kick that i havent already kicked in the past year. the only real one ive been able to think of is reading through the entire collection of edgar allen poe’s work since i already own the entire collection and have read some. there is little that i dont already do that i feel i need to do and am fairly sure that there could still be doing.

ive even b een looking more into animal rights and animal rights organiseations like PETA and paticipateing in what i could on top of being a vegetarian already. ive also done my best to sign up for volenteer oppurtunities at animal shelters around denver. for now i can only hope that i get a chance to help animals there.