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obamas veiw on gay rights

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i’m sure i wasnt alone in november when i was hoping obama would take a position for gay rights which many, gay or straight, has fought for for a long time, even here in america. anyone following politics also knows that obama keeps changeing his veiw on gay rights, often against our cause.

while those against gay rights arent worried those of us for should be, and not just a little. if obama doesnt support our cause it could be another 4 years (and possibly 8 asumeing there are enough people satisfied with the horrible and passive way he is running the country) before we can get something into the government pertaining to gay rights, none the less get anything else done.

effects of homophobia

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homophobia takes a toll on a lot of peoples lives–not just those people who choose to come out as members of the glbt community.

some high school age children (and adults depending on if they turn 18 before or after they graduate) may fear bringing glbt friends (or those who support glbt rights) home in fear that parents will be offensive to the friend. i know i personally avoided bringing any friends over until by own grad party was set to happen knowing a lot of friends supported glbt rights and one was openly bi. i already knew my own mother may make comments about how all gays were disgusting and going to hell (thanks to the age old “gays are an abomination) and may dad may come out with his same old “all gay people are in a gang” comment. being bisexual myself (and an avid gay rights supporter for many years) and growing up in this enviroment i felt uncomfortable enough being in this environment, none the less introduceing my friends to it.

for those being openly glbt they face even more discrimination about coming out of the closet. i know plenty of friends that are afraid to come out with their sexuality because of how people will react to a sexuality they cant change. with some of said friends i only know their being anything other than straight because i was already open about my own sexuality. some wouldnt even come out of the closet to a room of glbt rights activists (often meeting as gsa’s) in fear that even there they would be discriminated against despite the people being openly supportive of what the community goes through as a whole.

many often wont come out of the closet as glbt at all because of homophobia and hatred. they’ll be stuck in misarable marrages because they dont feel safe marrying (or dont have the right to marry the man/women of their dreams) the person they wish to. those that are trans may not feel safe getting the gender switch they want because of this hatred despite their ability to pay for the surgery. no one in this group is even safe from being murdered because of their sexuality. people like lawrence king, a middle school student murdered by a classmate for being gay and mentioning the other boy was “cute”, appear every year.

living in colorado i even know of trinidad, the sex change capitol of the world. even with this major city to the transsexual community existing in my home state their still major hate for them in this country. i already personnally know one person who is transgender who refuses to tell his family that he isnt his born gender and doesnt want to be called his original name because he already knows that telling them he wishes to chage to male would be a death sentence.

this is something many of us want to get rid of. its already something many hate groups keep us from being able to gain politically everywhere. there always seems to be one out there somewhere to hold us back. many of us wont be able to gain full marrage rights in our home state because these groups and people keep fighting to keep us from getting the equal rights we feel we deserve.

for those of you out there who have been helping our community gain the rights we deserve, thank you. you’ve helped us a lot. some of us you’ve helped emotionally more than you know.

for those of you against gay rights who possibly think about gays the way my parents do i have some questions id like you to honestly think about. what if the world and the law wasnt already in your favor? what if you couldnt marry your opposite sex partner because those who were glbtq didnt support heterosexual marraige? wouldnt you fight for what we are to?

president bush’s secrecy policy returns in obama’s presidency

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“president obama’s choice not to release the detainee torture photos is sadly reminicent of president george w. bush’s policy of secrecy. i beleive this core issue is what concerned so many people, myself included, when it came to the bush white house. those of us who beleive in true democracy, transparency, equality and justice understood no good could come out of an administration as secretive as president bush’s. just as it was with the u.s.s.r., the united states found itself with a small group of people secretly decideing fundamental american policy from engergy to forign affairs. they said they were doing it in secret to protect us, which is exactly what josef stalin and his predissesors told the people of the u.s.s.r.; the end result is a broken and hurting present day russia. the end result of the secretive bush white house was an energy bill written by the oil companys, a war we didnt need to fight, torture, illegal wire taps, the greatest gap between rich and poorin generations and more.”

this quote was from justin sane of anti-flag in the august 2009 alternative press speaking about the secrecy of the bush administration and the begining of secrecy in the obama administration concerning photographs of tourture taken during the bush administration and how secrecy policies like this can severely harm a country when the few rule the many. in november many of us 18 and over voted for president, no matter who we voted for in said election we were all looking for some degree of change. like or love bush’s white house or if we supported his choice the war in iraq we should all want to be able to see what he did during his administration.

now is a time to fight to have some of that secrecy reveiled to this country, to us americans. if you had the option of voteing in this election or not we all have the option to contact the obama administration and let them know that we want to see the photos of torture that are being held back. not just some of them, all of them. we’re americans and deserve to see what america has done, even if it was done by a select few officials. germany didnt get away with what happend during the hallocaust, why should we get away with what happened in a previous administration?

call at: 202-456-1111

write at:

the white house

1600 pennsylvania avenue NW

washington, dc


go online to:

join us in our fight for tansparency.

inauguration 2009

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this mourning at school it seemed i couldnt get away from barak obama’s inauguration. every television in the classrooms were tuned in to CNN to watch the first black president take office. when the time came around for us to fineally watch him become president everyone stopped to whatch him take the presidential oath and give his speech. no one was able to pay attention to anything else. all work stopped while he was talking, like a god had come down to earth.

i even listened to the preachers that came on before him though i dont beleive in that religion. they said a lot of great things that i honestly hope that obama’s presedency goes very well. he deserves it after comeing this far with his familu to whatch him, not to mention that his grandmother died before learning he won the general election, though im sure she knows he won where ever she went in this afterlife.

i dont know if anyone noticed but during the speech, when they switched the veiw to george walker bush for a moment he seemed a bit peeved at the speach, like he was almost a bit offended by the speech. compared to how horribly he’s made himself look during his eight years in office obama looks like a saint and doesnt deserve too much pity. most people have witnessed a major part of history today (with our first black president going into office, even if he’s black only in part) and depending on the whole iraq thing goes he may go down in history as worse than he already has.

i just hope obama has a good plan on what to do in the war in iraq. if he handles it badly it could drive the country and country relations badly. though many people want us out of the war pulling out too early can have drastic circumstances though it may save the lives of some of our troops. we’ve lost so many already i dont think adding to the death toll much would matter much though so many families have had to bury their sons, daughters, husbands, wives, and dear friends. even here in denver i see many troops passing through our city through the airport and just in general areas in the city. ive also heard of close friends of my own close friends sighning up for the army and prepareing to go out to war. though im a bit surprised to hear of eighteen year olds going to war it doesnt surprise me that they would want to go in the first place. it gives them a lot to look forward to and they have the honor to serve their country. we’ll just have to see how everything goes, both in the war and obama’s presedency.

political stickers

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its two months after the november 2008 election and im still seeing tons of political stickers on the back of various cars. its time to take these stickers off of these cars. obama has already won the election and goes from president elect to presedent on tuesday of this week. there is no need to keep the stickers adheared to the back of a car anymore encourageing people to vote for your candidate of choice. everything is already done.

i have nothing against showing your support for the president but election stickers are beyond out of date. theyve been selling t-shirts with his face for months and i couldnt see it stopping much within the next year. people will buy them to wear for a long time and, considering hes had the most threats on his life of any president or president elect they may be bought and altered to show a persons non-support of a perticular president. its time the stickers, though. where put to rest.

chinese fire drills

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we pulled another one today…well at least my friends sister and her friends did. we were at the light at wal-mart and they got out and ran. one of the friends dropped a pack of gum but he always drops something. last time it was his phone in my car, i left it to freeze in my car that night and gave it to him the next day. was fun to watch them run around the car though.

the campaign adds are beginning to annoy me. i’ve seen them a million times and its beginning to get old seeing all of the negativity. ive even been getting campaign adds in the mail from both campaigns with even more negativity. you’d think they’d have figured out that promoteing what they beleive in may work alot better for those of us in the moderate section of the political spectrum. sure, some pay attention to those (i did for awhile there) but not everybody. i guess they gotta get the idiots to vote for them somewhere, right?