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religion in america

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like any oter day that a teacher has become absentee for one reason or anouther many of the students in my sixth period biology class finished their work a lot earlier than expected and started socializeing with other students within the class. my small group of three talking to mostly each other as always. also, like normal, while the group had decided to split itself up a friend of mine brought up my pagan beleifs and asked if there was any specific gods that i choose to follow. one christian student in the room (who happened to be within earshot of said conversation) turned around and almost automatically started questioning my faith.

I got the usual set of “christianity is the one true religion and its god the one true and only god” speil that many christians have in their minds from the day that they begin the faith, both from the bible they choose to read and the pastor they choose to listen to. my rebuttle was “god hates gay people and i’m bi, why would i want to believe in a god that hated me?” as usual for all christians, he could give me no answer to this question that would make me beleive that the above statement to be false and come to his religion as he (and many others with a shared faith) had tried to do.

in all off the time i have spent asking this question i am yet to find a single christian that was able to give me the answer i seeked. one pastor had even tried “god loves all his people” but was, again, stumped when i asked “then why does the bible that he dislikes gays?”

as time passes it seems even more unlikely that i will ever find an answer in christianity since anything they would try to say would contridict something said in the bible and, having my sexuality always getting in the way of any possible monothiestic beiefs for me, would never be able to convince me to hold my faith in the “one true religion” and the god they wish to call “their one true god”.

religion in america

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for many americans, religion plays a major role in life. even lack of religion is importnant to some. something that still comes up in this “land of the free” is religious intolerance.

many people follow christanity, catholisisum, jewdism, mormonism, and many other monothiestic religions. many of these claim that all other gods are false, that their god is the real god,nd any other religion causes you to go to hell. all of these religions look for people to convert while all contridict each other. there are also pagan religions (multiple god religions) and athiestic veiwpoints that get thrown into this mix, most of which contridict each other.

while all (with the exception of pagan religons and agnostics) say that their god is the only god or that god doesnt exist it will often cause problems between people and may cause jokes from various shows such as american dad where one charecter will beleive in god while trying all means possible to convert an athiest because of his beleif that the friend will go to hell without beleiveing in the christain god and accepting him as his own.

with many pagan religions showing opposite beleifs and being misunderstood by people due to the media their often looked at as evil and bound to cast “evil spells” on anyone who crosses their path and many other myths. they tend to be less accepted than many of the other religions. none are considered equal here and many will face some sort of adversity because of their religious beleifs, no matter what god (or gods) they choose to beleive in or for a lack of.