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looking back into the idea of there being religion in public schools it seems that they only have to be neutral to religion and schools are not allowed to restrict any form of religious beleif from students as long as it isnt disturbing any other school functions and that students arent being harrassed about the religion they choose to follow.

reading through i got to see that teachers did actually get to do some teaching about religion (and religios scriptures such as the bible) but never from a religious standpoint. they had to be neutral to whatever they were teaching and not show that they favored anything. its the same with the administration of a school. if they supported any club that wasnt based on school subject (things like gay strait alliance, knitting clubs, book clubs, food and culture clubs, ect) they also had to allow religious clubs along with it as long as they were getting government funding.

students are even allowed to pass out pamplets concerning religion because its protected by free speach. so is doing thigns like praying over food or reading a bible without being restricted by it.

though the girl who had written the articles about people being suspended for bringing religious things to schools its no more than a rumor. though teachers are restricted from perfering any religion students still have all of their rights to express their religion as long as it doesnt involve harrassing other stundents.

though teachers are restricted in their own personal expression of religion and unable to share religion with students they have the option of connecting with other students about it.


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my school put out its normal yearly magazene. when you pay $1 you get a copy of the magazene and a tootsie pop (yum). having paid the dollar for a copy (i have a class with the teacher that was selling it) i read some in her class (i had finished the work) and had finished it in study hall since i had no other use for the time. it covered everything from sports to music to the environment to what obama was doing (and how he had brought a lot of people together to vote someone into office with african americans in his family background) as well as poetry and art. its a pretty typical thing to see/hear at my school. even on the announcements it isnt uncommon to see student work on screen (we do it over the television) or to hear world news. its something we’ve been accustomed to hearing every day and much of this proved to be nothing new to anyone buying a copy.

what really caught my attention were two perticular articles. both had been written by the same girl.

in the first article she spoke of a mission trip to new orleans soon after katrina hit. she spoke of both her faith in god (making her an abrahamic religion) and how she beleived that he had worked on her and called her on this mission trip to help the people there. she speaks of passing out needed food and water to people that needed it and how they stayed in a church there (that provided services at least on sunday if not more often than that). she spoke of praying with a woman who had been out of her home (which had been rebuilt) and how they had prayed with this women who, despite what she had been through, had not lost her faith. she mentions playing with some children affected by the hurricane and how seeing what she had while there had affected her and strengthened her beleif in god.

in the second article she speaks about religious expression. she mentioned how students had been suspended for bringing a bible to school (i dont know of anyone who has been suspended for this though i do have a friend that i see publicly carrying a bible and wearing religious clothing on a regular basis) and how she had been gawked at for being religious and carrying her bible. she speaks of being accepting of all religions and of the people who beleived in them as well as a willingness to teach others about her own religion. she also goes in to how she wishes she could speak to teachers about religion (i beleive teachers can be fired in denver for going into religious conversations with the students but i’m not sure on this) and about how biology teachers should not only be speaking about evolutionary theory but creationisum as well. she whishes this was something people could be more open with while at a school, be it public or private.

though i dont share the same religious beleifs as her (or as most of my peers that arent just trying to creep people out by claiming a pagan religion or a mixture of them as theirs) i have to agree with her on the second article. if they want students to be objective on things such as evolutionary theory they should also be taught the other side of the coin considering they may not have learned it at home. teachers should also be able to have conversations with students about religion saying it isnt out of the student and the teachers comfort zone and nothing is being pushed onto anyone else. with voluntary conversations i’d say it should be alright without anything happen to either the student or the teacher reguarding the conversation. though no school is religious and there should be extremely little religion in schools (no matter what religion it may be) expression should be left to the people involved no matter what they beleive.

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evolution is a major topic in high school biology classes. two semesters of passed biology is a requirement for graduation. in many of these classes provided by public schools evolution is coverd for a good amount of one semester. the other end of a double edged sword, however, is never  mentioned. neither is the fact that students can beleive in whatever they like but still have to learn the information.

many students in these classes get aggravated with teachers about creationism isnt being mentioned when they beleive what the teacher is telling them is fake, that a god in one religion or another really created them and the ground that they stand on. some have even come to the point of walking out of or skipping classes while evolution is being taught and failing a test going over the topic.

many religious students i spoke with who beleived in a form of creationism would have felt more comfortable if the school (or, in some cases, the teacher) at least acknowledged the other half of the sword and that it was the choice of the student to beleive in what they like. that this wasnt being taught as the only way things were seen or one hundred percent proven.