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who is your god?

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So many different Gods
Packaged and veiwed in
So many different ways it
Can get hard to remember
Who belongs to who.
So many different religions
That argue that their God
Is the best and the only,
That only those that want
To deny his existance for
Fun wouldn’t beleive in the
Same one as them.
Even within the same religion
The one they choose to call
God can be shown differntly
And the very dynamics of what
Is called a prayer to him
Can change with the seasons.
No one thinks that someone
Else’s beleifs could be correct.
Their own personall ones need
To be the only ones out there,
Everyone else needs to be wrong.
Who has ever thought to
Break the idea of a God or
Even many gods down to the
Basic DNA?
Who ever would have thought
That God could change from
Person to person and that
Every person could possibly
Be completely wrong?
So many people try to convert,
So many go to other countries
To preach their truth instead of
Leaving everyone to their own
Truth, no matter its age or the
State of taboo to other parts
Of the world.
Alone here in America hundreds
Of Gods are represented, even
If it’s just one kid beleiveing they
Were personally touched by the
Noodley appendage of the Great
Spagetti monster in their closet.
Why must we fight over who is
Right when we could all be wrong?

religion 2

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looking back into the idea of there being religion in public schools it seems that they only have to be neutral to religion and schools are not allowed to restrict any form of religious beleif from students as long as it isnt disturbing any other school functions and that students arent being harrassed about the religion they choose to follow.

reading through i got to see that teachers did actually get to do some teaching about religion (and religios scriptures such as the bible) but never from a religious standpoint. they had to be neutral to whatever they were teaching and not show that they favored anything. its the same with the administration of a school. if they supported any club that wasnt based on school subject (things like gay strait alliance, knitting clubs, book clubs, food and culture clubs, ect) they also had to allow religious clubs along with it as long as they were getting government funding.

students are even allowed to pass out pamplets concerning religion because its protected by free speach. so is doing thigns like praying over food or reading a bible without being restricted by it.

though the girl who had written the articles about people being suspended for bringing religious things to schools its no more than a rumor. though teachers are restricted from perfering any religion students still have all of their rights to express their religion as long as it doesnt involve harrassing other stundents.

though teachers are restricted in their own personal expression of religion and unable to share religion with students they have the option of connecting with other students about it.


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my school put out its normal yearly magazene. when you pay $1 you get a copy of the magazene and a tootsie pop (yum). having paid the dollar for a copy (i have a class with the teacher that was selling it) i read some in her class (i had finished the work) and had finished it in study hall since i had no other use for the time. it covered everything from sports to music to the environment to what obama was doing (and how he had brought a lot of people together to vote someone into office with african americans in his family background) as well as poetry and art. its a pretty typical thing to see/hear at my school. even on the announcements it isnt uncommon to see student work on screen (we do it over the television) or to hear world news. its something we’ve been accustomed to hearing every day and much of this proved to be nothing new to anyone buying a copy.

what really caught my attention were two perticular articles. both had been written by the same girl.

in the first article she spoke of a mission trip to new orleans soon after katrina hit. she spoke of both her faith in god (making her an abrahamic religion) and how she beleived that he had worked on her and called her on this mission trip to help the people there. she speaks of passing out needed food and water to people that needed it and how they stayed in a church there (that provided services at least on sunday if not more often than that). she spoke of praying with a woman who had been out of her home (which had been rebuilt) and how they had prayed with this women who, despite what she had been through, had not lost her faith. she mentions playing with some children affected by the hurricane and how seeing what she had while there had affected her and strengthened her beleif in god.

in the second article she speaks about religious expression. she mentioned how students had been suspended for bringing a bible to school (i dont know of anyone who has been suspended for this though i do have a friend that i see publicly carrying a bible and wearing religious clothing on a regular basis) and how she had been gawked at for being religious and carrying her bible. she speaks of being accepting of all religions and of the people who beleived in them as well as a willingness to teach others about her own religion. she also goes in to how she wishes she could speak to teachers about religion (i beleive teachers can be fired in denver for going into religious conversations with the students but i’m not sure on this) and about how biology teachers should not only be speaking about evolutionary theory but creationisum as well. she whishes this was something people could be more open with while at a school, be it public or private.

though i dont share the same religious beleifs as her (or as most of my peers that arent just trying to creep people out by claiming a pagan religion or a mixture of them as theirs) i have to agree with her on the second article. if they want students to be objective on things such as evolutionary theory they should also be taught the other side of the coin considering they may not have learned it at home. teachers should also be able to have conversations with students about religion saying it isnt out of the student and the teachers comfort zone and nothing is being pushed onto anyone else. with voluntary conversations i’d say it should be alright without anything happen to either the student or the teacher reguarding the conversation. though no school is religious and there should be extremely little religion in schools (no matter what religion it may be) expression should be left to the people involved no matter what they beleive.

religion in america

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like any oter day that a teacher has become absentee for one reason or anouther many of the students in my sixth period biology class finished their work a lot earlier than expected and started socializeing with other students within the class. my small group of three talking to mostly each other as always. also, like normal, while the group had decided to split itself up a friend of mine brought up my pagan beleifs and asked if there was any specific gods that i choose to follow. one christian student in the room (who happened to be within earshot of said conversation) turned around and almost automatically started questioning my faith.

I got the usual set of “christianity is the one true religion and its god the one true and only god” speil that many christians have in their minds from the day that they begin the faith, both from the bible they choose to read and the pastor they choose to listen to. my rebuttle was “god hates gay people and i’m bi, why would i want to believe in a god that hated me?” as usual for all christians, he could give me no answer to this question that would make me beleive that the above statement to be false and come to his religion as he (and many others with a shared faith) had tried to do.

in all off the time i have spent asking this question i am yet to find a single christian that was able to give me the answer i seeked. one pastor had even tried “god loves all his people” but was, again, stumped when i asked “then why does the bible that he dislikes gays?”

as time passes it seems even more unlikely that i will ever find an answer in christianity since anything they would try to say would contridict something said in the bible and, having my sexuality always getting in the way of any possible monothiestic beiefs for me, would never be able to convince me to hold my faith in the “one true religion” and the god they wish to call “their one true god”.

religion in america

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for many americans, religion plays a major role in life. even lack of religion is importnant to some. something that still comes up in this “land of the free” is religious intolerance.

many people follow christanity, catholisisum, jewdism, mormonism, and many other monothiestic religions. many of these claim that all other gods are false, that their god is the real god,nd any other religion causes you to go to hell. all of these religions look for people to convert while all contridict each other. there are also pagan religions (multiple god religions) and athiestic veiwpoints that get thrown into this mix, most of which contridict each other.

while all (with the exception of pagan religons and agnostics) say that their god is the only god or that god doesnt exist it will often cause problems between people and may cause jokes from various shows such as american dad where one charecter will beleive in god while trying all means possible to convert an athiest because of his beleif that the friend will go to hell without beleiveing in the christain god and accepting him as his own.

with many pagan religions showing opposite beleifs and being misunderstood by people due to the media their often looked at as evil and bound to cast “evil spells” on anyone who crosses their path and many other myths. they tend to be less accepted than many of the other religions. none are considered equal here and many will face some sort of adversity because of their religious beleifs, no matter what god (or gods) they choose to beleive in or for a lack of.

interesting apology

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the first thomas jefferson meeting in weeks was set up for today during lunch. few actually came that where on the group list but the rest will at the very least be caught up on the events of the meeting.

we were originally told we were meeting up to discuss what we wanted to plan for the events for the last half of the year but it turned out very different. one of the teachers (who was christian) had been planning on speaking to the group as a whole for awhile. he went through lines in the bible and explained how incorrect christians were in beleiveing that they should judge people for being gay, their beleif in (or lack of beleif in) a certain god. that he understood that most christians misunderstood wording in the bible and often hated gays and that the christian churchs promoted this whole idea and that most people were ignorant to what the lines really meant.

everyone present listened carefully to what he had to say and clapped when he was finished. though he cant speak for all christians (which he admitted) it is generally true that many churches ignore this whole idea and most preachers wont even go over it. during all of the years i served as a christian and all of the times i spent in a christian church no one would touch these lines. all of the people who claimed to teach for god would completely skip these sections or would make it seem like it applied only to those who werent in the glbt community. it gives  me a sickening feeling that those who claim to read “the word of god” would misinterpret it this way and shove it down the throats of an entire church rather than showing what he was truely ment to be with these lines of the bible. we can only hope some of this adversity becomes lighter with the years and more people realize the true meaning of these lines over what some homophobic church leaders choose to believe.

another new year, new resolutions

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another year and another set of resolutions. along with the fairly normal one includeing loose weight, dont buy a certain thing (in my case ciggarettes and anything leather) ive also included things like reading all of edgar allen poe’s work as well as writeing more of my own poetry, going on a ghost hunting trip more than twice, and coming closer to my spirituality than i was last year.

though most of this is pretty obvious coming closer to my spirituality is going to be a little more complicated than the rest. i’ll need a lot of meditation and a lot of reflection on what ive done with my day and what the gods will want of me as well as trying to connect with them somehow. most of this will have to be done later at night because of family coming bursting into my room whenever they feel like it and some of the other things i tend to do with my evening before going to bed. not to mention i do have a gift id like to hone as well which adds to the whole mystery of the thing since i can find so little information thats actually helpful, even getting suggestions from other people. the one major helpful thing is never to deny i have this gift (like i originally had before accepting it) but no one seems to have any information on that. with luck i’ll find it.

darkend day in the sea

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had a bit of an off day despite all the fun thats happened. its almost like something was always looming over my head that i didnt know about, that i couldnt pick up. sure, i talked to two girls in ceramics about some fun stuff, got to talk to some more friends in biology, got to see a friend i hadnt seen in ages and got to talk to her a little. for whatever reason though i felt like some sort of death was looming over me all day. sure, i know i sense ghosts, ive been able to do it for years, but its seemed to be getting more positive lately. it seemed like this was a bad negative though. sure, i know my school is haunted, ive seen all the orbs in my homecoming pictures and sensed their left energies, and i also know that i dont know why any of them are stuck there considering i havent found any news articles concerning death’s at the school. i cant even say it was one of the ones that belonged to the school, that it wasnt one that followed me from home in an effort to get some of the help it wanted. sure, the gods send them to me and other sensitives for help but i have no way of increaseing my sensitivity more to be able to speak/communicate with them more clearly. it sucks. im going to light my usual candles and incense later and hope that it helps the spirits find their way.