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thrid bridge #2, aroura colorado

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third bridge is a huanted area in colorado. early american settleers and inians had once inhabited the area and had been in conflict for awhile. rumor has it that one night the two groups battled and the indians had won, killing all of the settlers. eventually, thanks to desiease brought along qith new settlers, all of the indians died aswell. if you spend some time on the bridge after dark you can hear the drums of the indians. if you get loud and roudy they seem to sound closer and louder.

it is also rumored that a young girl and her friends were partying with her friends on the bridge, some were drinkung. she was hit and killed by a drunk driver. some say you can hear her speak in your ear as if speaking to a friend that was there that night.

on the way to a bridge there is also a border collie that likes to make itself known. if the driver of your car is going fast enough that the dog would be killed if hit it will run out in front of your car and let you hit it. when you get out of the car in search of the dog there will be a streak of blood along the drivers side of the car but no body for the dog. the streak of blood also diappear in a short amount of time.